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Pisces Horoscope

Feb 19 - Mar 20

Apr 18, 2024's Horoscope

Collaborate with your partner. Share the load. Strategize together. Align on common dreams, goals and objectives. Talk about what you love and want.







today's Aspects

2:16 PM

Moon enters Virgo

A partner's opinion is important. And, it is coming straight at you. Discover romance today and tomorrow. Accept stern coaching. Push yourself forward.

April Horoscope

April 1st

Clean, sort and organize at home over with mercury retrograde. Revise and repair household infrastructure. Maintain equipment and backup files.

April 8th

Profit through communications for two weeks. Possibilities spark in conversation over this new moon phase. Write your story. Creative projects flower.

April 23rd

Experiment with new concepts over six months. Your exploration changes and adapts.

April 25th

Clean up messes and resolve irritations. Collaborate and strategize. Share your visions. Family communications clarify, now that mercury stations direct.


Mercury is retrograde for another

Mars is direct for another

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