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Libra Horoscope

Sep 23 - Oct 22

Feb 29, 2024's Horoscope

Maintain lucrative routines. Disciplined efforts contribute to growing income. Bargain, trade and make deals. Provide consistent, reliable value. Generate silver flowing into your coffers.







today's Aspects

3:37 AM

Moon enters Scorpio

That money could show up any time now. Focus on making money. Scratch out the things you can't afford. Start computing expenses.

6:00 AM

Moon square Pluto

Ponder your upcoming action. Don't take on any more work yet. Professional advice comes in handy now. Wait until after this aspect to travel. Avoid arguments.

9:24 AM

Mercury sextile Jupiter

You hear about a lucky break. Partner up with a gracious person. Replenish your reserves. Teach as you learn. Let joy and abundance win. Keep communications flowing. Being busy looks good on you. Work to improve your living conditions.

11:22 PM

Moon Trine Saturn

Spend more time with loved ones. Concerning personal responsibilities. Discipline and experience make the difference. Make home and family needs. Teach from experience. Work flow increases.

February Horoscope

February 9th

Find creative ways to grow your family nest egg. Launch valuable initiatives with your partner.

February 24th

Make a shift around income and finances. Discover profitable opportunities in new directions with this scorpio full moon eclipse.


Mercury is direct for another

Mars is direct for another

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