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Libra Horoscope

Sep 23 - Oct 22

Apr 18, 2024's Horoscope

Review priorities. Adjust plans and budgets with changes in real time. Truth and assumptions don't match. Restore integrity everywhere it's missing. Rest and recharge.







today's Aspects

2:16 PM

Moon enters Virgo

Not a good time to travel for the next couple of days. Listen at keyholes for the next two days. Complete projects now.

April Horoscope

April 1st

Communicate carefully. Make your deadlines. Keep confidences and secrets. Expect travel delays.

April 8th

Find creative ways to grow your family nest egg. A lucrative two-week phase dawns with tonight's new moon.

April 23rd

Make a shift around income and finances. Redirect attention toward fresh potential.

April 25th

Traffic flows better. Confirm reservations. It's easier to travel and launch with mercury direct. It's easier to get your message out.


Mercury is retrograde for another

Mars is direct for another

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