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Leo Horoscope

Jul 23 - Aug 22

Jun 22, 2024's Horoscope

Anticipate changes to the status quo. Things are getting busy... protect your health and energy with good food, exercise and rest. Cutting corners gets expensive.







today's Aspects

12:49 AM

Sun opposition Moon

Make a shift around income and finances. Discover profitable opportunities in new directions with this Taurus Full Moon Eclipse. Redirect attention toward fresh potential.

10:05 AM

Moon opposition Venus

Check and double-check the data. Don't take on more than you can do by the deadline. A female is ecstatic. What you need is nearby.

7:13 PM

Moon opposition Mercury

Re-assess your assets. Find another way to cut costs. A disagreement about priorities. Mental alertness is key. Before now. Another source of revenue. Consider all possibilities.

June Horoscope

June 6th

Pursue exciting possibilities. This new moon illuminates professional opportunities. Develop interesting projects over the next two weeks.

June 22nd

Renovate, remodel and tend your garden. Adapt with domestic changes over six months. Make repairs.

June 29th

For the next three months with saturn retrograde, strengthen bonds between partners. Resolve old misunderstandings. Go back to what worked before.


Mercury is direct for another

Mars is direct for another

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